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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Entrée Vous Update

So you want to know just how good is the food at Entrée Vous? Even though my kitchen is not open yet, this is big news. Our Alpharetta kitchen just won a big prize! For those not in the know, Alpharetta is north Atlanta. I know because in a previous life, I worked out of an office there, meaning my boss was there. I traveled to the area a lot and can tell you it is a very nice, booming area with tons of great restaurants. Anyway, Joe Hsu, the General Manager of that kitchen recently entered our Mesa Verde Flank Steak into competition at the “Taste of Alpharetta” event.

The result is this quote taken from the Atlanta Journal Constitutional newspaper’s report on the event: "One of the surprises of the evening was the Best Casual dish, prepared by chef Joe Hsu of Entrée Vous, the make-and-take kitchen on Holcomb Bridge Road." Congratulations Joe! They might have been surprised but none of us that have eaten Entrée Vous food is surprised even though the competition is stiff and he hasn't even been open a year! Way to go, Joe! So if you live near there, what more reason do you have than to go by and try it! It's that good. And for those waiting for my kitchen to open, it's still going to be a few months, but now you know what you're waiting for. Great food, good enough to win first place!

Here is the menu for July! If you live near an Entrée Vous kitchen, give it a try. I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

1- Margarita Beef Kabobs
Beef tips marinated in citrus, fresh cilantro, chipotle peppers, and tequila are skewered and grilled for the perfect summer evening patio party.

2- Chicken Croquettes
Finely diced chicken meat, celery and herbs in a breaded croquette.

3- Mahogany Glazed Salmon
A sweet glaze made with soy sauce, ginger and garlic complements delicious salmon filets.

4- Chicken Santa Fe
Diced chicken breast, corn tortillas, green chilies and cheese sauce all layered in a casserole.

5- Mesa Verde Flank Steak
You’ll stuff this flank steak with a mixture of spinach, cheese, mushrooms and optional bacon for an entrée that is both beautiful and delicious.

6- Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breasts with Cream Cheese Filling
Boneless chicken breasts are filled with an herb cream cheese and wrapped with bacon.

7- Pork Chops with Orange Chipotle Sauce
Pork chops baked in a rich tomato sauce accented with the sweetness of orange and the smoky spice of chipotle peppers.

8- Ravioli Lasagna
A delicious variation of a well known dish. Ravioli filled with three cheeses are layered with a Bolognese style beef, mushroom, and tomato ragout.

9- Tuscan Pork Loin
A generously cut pork loin roast is rubbed with Italian seasonings, chopped garlic, fresh basil, and green onions. Roast in your oven. This entrée cannot be split.

10- Imperial Orange Chicken
These luscious chicken breasts pair the sweet flavor of orange with savory cilantro and green onion.

11- Fiesta Shrimp
A flavorful explosion of shrimp, corn, and fresh herbs, served over rice.

12- Grilled Chicken Breasts Modena
Aged Balsamic Vinegar, olive oil, fresh basil and garlic make these chicken breasts low in fat but full of flavor.

13- Southwestern Egg Rolls
One of our biggest hits, these eggrolls are filled with chicken, corn, black beans and cheese.

14- Chicken with Pesto, Bacon, and Pecans
Chicken breasts are topped with pesto, pecans, and mushrooms, finished with cheese and a hint of smoky bacon.

My kitchen is at 8200 Renaissance Parkway Suite 1003 behind the Streets of Southpoint beside the Super Target in Durham, NC. The phone number is 919-321-8666 and you can reach me at pbloodworth AT entreevous DOT com. My kitchen isn't on the website yet, but check it out for one near you!

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  • At 6:08 AM, Blogger katiez said…

    How exciting! I bet you are really getting anxious to be open!
    Great-looking steak!

  • At 9:31 AM, Blogger Deborah said…

    Ah! Finally a Southern blog!
    I'm in your neck of the woods - Raleigh.
    Congratulations on your new venture.
    I've been to Dream Dinners some - great idea - making and taking.
    Friends of ours own DD at Sutton Station and are opening also at Indigo Corners. I may have to give you a try when you open. I'll keep an eye on your blog for the opening date and put you on my favorites.
    I'm far from being pro, but I have a blog also and hope you will drop in neighbor!


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