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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Zucchini Fritters

We went to the eastern shore of Virginia to visit the huz's uncle. He is in an assisted living home and will turn 94 in June. We were reminiscing about the seafood places he had taken us to on the shore. At one of these places we had zucchini fritters as a side and they were so good, when we got home, we called and ask for the recipe and they gave it to us. His uncle was surprised to hear this because other people had asked the their requests had never granted it. He is pretty well known over there and assumed that they probably gave to us because of him along with the fact that we lived so far away and we promised never to reveal it. This is not the recipe, but how it has developed over the last 20 years or so. I know that I did zucchini for WHB last week, but we just has this and it is very good and worthy of bring to the forefront. It is the huz's favorite way to eat zucchini.

2 medium zucchini, shredded
2 medium shallots, shredded
2 cloves garlic, shredded
1/4 cup flour
1 egg, beaten
1/2 tea baking powder
a pinch salt
enough fat free half and half to hold everything together
Oil for frying

Mix well. It should be the consistency of pancake batter. Cover the bottom of a skillet with canola oil and heat over medium heat until hot. Drop batter by heaping tablespoons into hot oil and sauté until brown, turning and browning on the other side. Drain well and eat fast!

This IS being submitted for weekend Herb Blogging, hosted this week by the creator Kalyn. Be sure to go to her blog for the weekly round-up which is always chock full of great ideas from food bloggers the world over.

We had them with chicken picatta which was a lovely combination. The recipe is already posted on the website.


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  • At 3:52 PM, Blogger katiez said…

    I've made these but without the baking powder and flour. I've got to try that.... in another month when I have zucchini, too many zucchini, as always, I'm sure

  • At 5:30 PM, Blogger Kalyn said…

    Sounds good to me. This is something I haven't done with zucchini. I'm curious why you said "eat fast." Are they not good when they get cold?

  • At 9:07 PM, Blogger Deborah Dowd said…

    These look like a great way to use up the bumper crop of zucchini! Almost anything made into a fritter is great! Can't wait to try them!

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