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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fishy Food

I am busy. My Entree Vous kitchen is still not open. Other than the buying stuff, paying lots of money and managing all I have to do for that, I have been into networking to build awareness. Entree Vous is part of the meal assembly concept, the largest growing trend in the restaurant industry, but lots of people don't get it, so the concept inself needs to be sold. I know this isn't a blog about that, but we'll get to that. I know you wanted to know what I have been up to. I can only tell you that this is entirely different kind of sales and marketing than my last 25 years. It is wonderful. Additionally, as opposed to being 'instructed' what charities you give to, you can work with the local community on things that you know and feel are important. My first real event I scheduled months ago assuming I would be open was last Sunday. Called A Tasteful Affair, it is the 16th year. It is a silent auction, a raffle, and a tasting with more than 25 wineries, breweries, caterers and restaurants offering food samples. People (500) pay to get in and 100% of the intake benefits the Ronald McDonald House in Chapel Hill. This year they took in an impressive $78,000. It was wonderful for us and our first giving back event. We loved it! Tomorrow night I present to a middle school PTA on fund raising for the school. There will be plenty more to come!

Here is a sneak peak at the kitchen about a week ago, after the first coat of paint and before any of the equipment arrived.

We still don't have a opening date but we'll let you know. Hopefully within the first few weeks of November.

Cooking. Yes, we are cooking. Maybe more short order cooking.....I had a lot of mushrooms left over from one of meals I served at A Tasteful Affair so I made a pot of mushroom soup from my a recipe from my catering partner, Diane Kiser. A marvelous cook and the best darn design consultant in the business, if you need her services (and you probably do) email me and I will tell you how to contact her. She is the best of the best.

Tonight, once again lacking time, I went to the local (no-so-good) grocery and believe it or not came out with fresh flounder (fried), asparagus and butternut squash. It was great.

With that, I will tell you that I think southern cooking is mostly misrepresented. And so is how to fry fish. I think it is the best way. How do I know? My father had a fishing boat. He also had the #1 slip at Lynnhaven at Virgina Beach from sometime before I was born until the day he retired. I was on a fishing boat on the Chesapeake Bay before I could walk. I doubt if you have fried as much fish as I have. We served it with roasted asparagus and roasted butternut squash! Yummy!

Fried Flounder

flounder fillets
salt and pepper to taste
oil (preferably peanut but others will do)

Salt and pepper flounder fillets. Dip in buttermilk then in corn meal coating both sides. heat oil until hot. Add fillets and lightly brown on both sides. Drain on paper towels. serve.

By the way, if you add flour to cornmeal in any cornbread recipe, you are not eating it the way it should be served, the southern way.

For more recipes, try the website. And wish me luck with the upcoming opening!

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