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Friday, June 30, 2006

Garden Fresh -sugar snap recipe

Well, I am behind in my recipes and in my blog because of a major problem with a computer resulting from what we eventually found out was a lighting hit that took out our surge suppressor and modem. That was after Dell had us reformat our hard drive and we still haven't recovered all of the data. Anyway, so much for our woes. We're still cooking!

The garden is happening. We have almost finished with the peas and sugar snap peas and had our second large picking of green beans. We're getting tons of cucumbers and some squash (from Mom's garden). Yesterday we picked about 1/2 gallon of raspberries and a gallon of blueberries.
Needless to say, that's our diet mainstay.

What about the entree's, you ask? Well, we've had baby back ribs, seasoned with Chinese 5 spice, smoked in grapevine wood and dipped in an orange chipotle sauce, grilled chicken, chicken fingers with parmesan, crab cakes, spaghetti and meatball and best of all, I brought back some Smithfield country ham from my parents in Virginia. We also did a stir fry with chicken, bell peppers, onions and some fresh sugar snaps that were yummy!
Last night we did a chicken sauté inspired from Julia Child's Kitchen. You individually sauté smoked pork, chicken, potatoes and onions, then return all to the same pan, season with salt, pepper, fresh tarragon, basil and thyme and cover and finish in the oven. It is pretty easy and great.

Our recipe of the week this week is Pasta with peas and smoked Gouda.
Give it a whirl! recipe of the week this week

Hopefully computer malfunctions will be limited and we'll be back sooner.

eat well, live, love, laugh!


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