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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Chipotle, Pork Chops, Mango Salsa, Lettuce, Strawberries

The weather has been different, more like winter after a few weeks of summer-like weather. We have been in a severe drought; until last week were in a 15" deficit this year, so cooler weather and 3 inches of rain since last week was a good thing. It helps wash away the pollen and the garden needs the water really bad. So Yea!

So we have been eating more winter like again. We've had navy beans and ham, roasted corn soup and venison stew. We also had a chipotle marathon: we made both beef and chicken chipotle tacos with caramelized onions and a chipotle tomatillo salsa (mainly from this month's Eating Well magazine), pork chops with a tomato orange chipotle sauce, grape vine wood smoked chicken with barbeque sauce, and my favorite black bean, corn and roasted pepper salad (The recipe was previously posted in our recipe collection. swank recipes ) and black rice made with the liquid the black beans cooked in.

Tonight, I had not been to the grocery store in a few days. My neighbor had given us some just picked lettuce (she planted hers way before we did). I had pork chops, 3 mangos, one pear, and fresh green beans that needed to be cooked or they would not be fresh anymore. So we had a fresh lettuce salad with walnuts, pear and blue cheese with a lemon walnut vinaigrette, grilled pork chops with a cumin, allspice, salt and pepper rub served with fresh mango salsa, the left over black rice and green beans. It was a pretty good for balance of taste and texture as well as for last minute planning.

Oh, and the same neighbor, Marne, picked strawberries (ours are not ripe yet) and brought some dipped in chocolate. Oh no, we are exercising and cutting down on calories. What to do? Anyway, the fresh mango salsa was the bright spot so I've added the recipe to the website. mango salsa recipe



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