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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Eating From the Freezer, Part II with Strawberries

We are still eating out of the freezer BUT the strawberries are coming in. We have been getting a big bowl of them every few days. This is the picking from this morning:
We just like to eat them, unadorned. They are a great variety, not bred to be giant but to taste good, just the way we like them.

We took out a London Broil and marinaded in a chimichurri sauce, grilled in and served some of the sauce on top. It was great. If you have not tried the sauce, I'll try to get the recipe posted. There are many versions of it. This is the combination we like best but experiment and season to your liking.
The Food Lover's Companion states that "it is a thick herb sauce as common in Argentina as ketchup is in the US... a must with grilled meats and a common accompaniment to a variety of other dishes." We love it. We could eat it on any grilled meat! We served it with garlic mashed potatoes and green beans.

We also had more chicken. We pounded them out then breaded and floured them, sautéed them and finished them with morels, peas and asparagus. It was really a great spring dish.

Our garden is coming up great and the rains have been a big help, but since we planted so late, we aren't harvesting anything yet. However, our wonderful neighbors did get their spring garden in early and we are getting some great lettuce for salads from her garden.

Spring Fever! Makes me hungry! Until next time, eat well, laugh often, love much!

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