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Thursday, July 20, 2006

More Crab, More Corn on the Cob and Summer Food

We really have been eating a lot of crab lately. There was the aforementioned crab and corn chowder and crab cakes. Last weekend we had some young visitors. We had fajitas with chipotle chicken, cheese, onions, peppers (from the garden) and the roasted corn, black bean and bell pepper salad, with homemade guacamole on Friday night. On Saturday night, I planned to have coconut shrimp with lime dressing along with a caprese salad, butter beans and corn on the cob. One of the guests just loves seafood, having been raised in Baltimore and in school in SC. She claimed she had
never had good crab cakes outside of Maryland. Then another visitor told us she had never had crab cakes at all. SO there was my challenge and I just happened to have a pound of crab meat left over from the last event. So we added crab cakes to the menu and the recipe to the website for all to access. It was a hit.

Since then we have had flank steak rolled with 5 cheeses and spinach, braised and finished in the oven. We have also had pasta (homemade of course) with pesto, eggplant parmesan and sliced tomatoes.
What could be better! We also had some smoked pork butt with cole slaw, Cajun sautéed potatoes and corn on the cob.
Yes, we're eating a lot of corn too! Those little stove top smokers are wonderful for small quantities. On our website you can click thru to chef's where they are available. If you're into smoked food, it is a must have.

Lots of these recipes are on our website. Check it out! Swank Recipes

Enjoy summer food!


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