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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

There's something fishy going on..

Something's fishy. The truth be known, they didn't smell fishy. ‘Twas the husband's birthday and he loves fish so I headed out to Kroger and couldn't find anything that looked appetizing so I went to Whole Foods and found some great fresh flounder fillets and bought them. Then I saw some sea trout and bought them too. And they had fresh shrimp for $4.99/lb and I bought that too. We had a friend here for the birthday dinner. I fixed the flounder the birthday boy's favorite way: salted and peppered, dredged in buttermilk, then in cornmeal and lightly sautéed. It was really tender and fresh tasting, not fishy at all. They were out working in the vineyard and on the trip to and from, discovered some broccoli rabe that was still good, so plucked it up and sautéed it with garlic and served over some soft polenta. For lunch the next day, we had the shrimp. Have you ever tried a recipe that turned out to be good, but you'll never do it again? That was how I felt when we had this shrimp for lunch. It was beautiful and tasty but waaaayyyyy too much trouble for me to make again, like this.
Last but not least, we grilled the trout and served it with a tomato vinaigrette, roasted asparagus and roasted potatoes.
Lovely. I should note that the moon rising in a full eclipse was the coolest thing to happen on one's birthday and why I didn't get a picture of that dish.


For recipes, check out the website and if it's not there, send me a note. It will get me motivated to get it on the list.

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  • At 1:07 PM, Blogger Katie said…

    Trout, asparagus, Grilled?!?
    I can't wait for warmer weather and 'summer cooking'
    It all looked wonderful!


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