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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

April Fools!

We had guests for dinner last night. It was rather short notice, which is good for me as I tend to over plan. Amanda is the daughter of our dear friend Donna. We have know her her whole life. She was in Chapel Hill with some friends, so I invited them over and they came. There were 4 females, all finishing there first year out of undergraduate schools; all beautiful, bright, interesting and young! I was so excited when they ask if they could come on Sunday night. It was April Fool's day and I was dying to try the recipe from the current issue of Gourmet Magazine. Keep reading to see why (read: who else would get excited about trying out a new recipe on guests, several of whom we had never met?). We were mainly having a Moroccan inspired dinner with an April Fool Dessert.

The main course was Bisteeya. I have posted on it before. Sorry didn't get a picture this time. I have an old one. At some point I'll try to recover it. I have tried 2 recipes and both of them are exceptional. With it we had a cous cous salad,

and orange, radish and carrot salad

and a
grilled zucchini succotash.

The dessert was what Gourmet labeled "Trompe L'Oeil". They look to be toast with eggs, but nooooo! The recipes are on the Epicurious website. There are two links for recipes. One for the toasts (biscotti) and the other for the lemon pudding (egg white) and the lemon curd (yolk). Actually none of them are difficult. The longest is the bread, like biscotti, actually it IS biscotti just shaped like a slice of bread. It takes time but not all is active time. Regardless, everything turned out marvelous, our guests enjoyed it, we enjoyed them and I got to have fun! Silly fun! And delicious too! How can you beat that? Aren't they cute? My neighbor said I should have died the eggs. Maybe next time!

Check out the main website for recipes. Be back soon.

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