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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Pooped Pookah Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers..

Last week we had the mad scramble to get everything in before our first hard frost, which was Friday night. We had piles of peppers and eggplants as well as ginger, basil, grapes, and I also picked some tarragon which I never know about. Some years it lives and some years it doesn't. Maybe it is the hardness of the winter. Note: I'll do a separate post on the ginger when I get a chance.

I made pickled hot peppers, stuffed peppers Thai style, pickled banana peppers (and onions while I was at it). I used peppers in other dished, like Chinese Chicken Salad,
and still have some left for rellanos and ropa vieja (from Easy Entertaining with Michael Chiarella on the Food Netwoek. When I saw the amount of peppers going in the dish, I knew I what was next for peppers). That's for tonight.

We processed enough muscadines to make jelly and they are awaiting their finishing time in the refrigerator. That means we have heated them and strained them so we only have juice and only need to finish the jelly.

The recipe for the Pickled Banana Peppers is not on our website but I'll try to put it up in a few weeks. It is very good on sandwiches. With Thanksgiving coming up, there is an immediate use for them. We like them on sautéed greens as well, like collards, kale or turnips.

I made a very low fat version of Chicken in Tarragon Crème, probably the same day as Katie at Thyme for Cooking, the Blog . She posted her recipe for last week's Weekend Herb Blogging while I was saving mine for another week. Instead, I'll post it here,
outside of the weekend blog and put it on our website as the recipe of the week. Check it out at Swank Recipes I checked the date of when I made it (from the camera) and it was November 4th and she posted hers on November 5th. The recipes are similar but enough different that I think it's worth the review. Mine cooks quicker and is lower fat. Hers more flavorful and autentic. We actually have a lot in comon, so I'm sure we would enjoy each others, both equally delicious in its own right, I'm sure.

I also made tarragon vinegar.

What's really strange about that is that Sweetnicks Blog last week also posted chicken picatta the same time I did. That means in one week I cooked the same thing as 2 other great food bloggers on the same thread and there aren't THAT many of us. Interesting. Great blogger that cook think alike?

Interesting to see what you think!

Cheers! P

ps: Can you tell I missed a week? Too busy cooking to blog.


  • At 3:37 PM, Blogger Katie said…

    Absolutely! I like your Chicken in Tarragon Cream recipe as well - much quicker. We can't get half & half here, or skim milk...but, we can get reduced fat creme fraiche which is what I normally use. Did you know that you can whip creme fraiche? I didn't until the other day...

  • At 10:41 AM, Blogger JMom said…

    Last Friday's frost pretty much burned what was left of our garden too. That sure is a lot of peppers you got there :) What did you do with your habaneros? I put the ones I got from you in vinegar and have only been using the spicy vinegar.

  • At 11:51 PM, Anonymous Pookah said…


    I only posted 2 of the 3 pepper pictures I took! ha! I gave a bunch of peppers to my Mom to make hot sauce, put the remaining hot ones in a pickle and canned them, cooked a bunch, and still have a few in the frig to eat. Do you have a fall garden yet?


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