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Monday, November 14, 2005

Fall Wedding Menu - Chocolate Wedding Cake

We catered a fall wedding last Saturday. It could not have been a more beautiful day, around 70 degrees; bright and sunny. The wedding was in a private club house. It was the beautiful couple, their second wedding (they each have grandchildren). The colors were black, white and red. The flowers were roses.

It was early afternoon, which is great too; gives us time in the morning to work and time to get home before dark (to recuperate later).

The menu:

Baked Ham
Heart Shaped Cheese Biscuits
Cinnamon Honey Butter and Orange Honey Butter
Roasted Turkey
Cranberry Apple Relish
Sweet Potato Ravioli with Sage Butter Sauce
Assorted Cheese and Crackers
Broiled Asparagus wrapped in Proscuitto
Homemade Breads and Jellies
Breads (Cranberry Walnut, Banana Nut Chocolate Chip, Pear Hazelnut)
Jellies/Jams (Noble Muscadine Grape Preserve, Fig Jam, Strawberry Jam, Raspberry Jelly (yes, all from our garden)
Assorted Fruit Skewers
Grilled Blue Cheese and Caramelized Onion Sandwiches
Grilled Brie and Bacon Sandwiches

Drinks: Raspberry Mint Tea, Bottled Water, Soft Drinks (or sodas or colas, depending on where you're from), beer and wine.

The finale: Wedding Cake - Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Filling and Chocolate Icing (decorated with fresh raspberries, meringue mushrooms and chocolate leaves).
I thought, from previous parties, we had seen a cake consumed quickly, but we were in for a surprise; for a cake this rich, the consumption rate was amazing! I caught one kid (one of the grandchildren, I think) who was sooooo happy with this cake! I started laughing and so did he, so I snapped a quick shot.
I carry a camera in my apron, just hoping for opportunities like this.

A recipe from the menu for you to try: Sweet Potato Ravioli. We hope you'll try it and let us know what you think. sweet potato ravioli recipe link

Stay fit, eat well, laugh with your friends and if you need a host a party with great food, give us a call. We'll cook it at your house! Check out our website for more ideas: website



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